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Recent Cases studies ( over the last one year)

CASE STUDY -1 : Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of RC Structure using Micro-concrete Jacketing, CFRP Wrapping & Steel Plate Bonding
Client : A Major Listed Developer and Hospitality company
Location : Bangalore

The project was a Hotel of 2B+G+14 levels. The client awarded the contract of column strengthening of existing 35 columns in LB, UB and GF. The column strengthening was specified by the Structural Consultant as the columns had not achieved the desired strength after casting and excess load anticipated due to change in the plan.

The Consultant specified strengthening measures by combination of:
  1. Jacketing using Reinforcement and Micro-concrete
  2. Carbon Fibre wrapping around the columns
  3. Steel Plate bonding
The entire strengthening work was successfully carried out in 60 days .3E-SERVICES was able to complete the work ahead of schedule because of deploying highly skilled manpower supervised by Graduate Engineers and Post-graduate engineers. The company employed a Micro-concrete mixer and pump for rapid pumping. The entire project was well co-ordinated with grinders, bar-benders, carpenters and Micro-concrete technicians working in tandem and handling different columns simultaneously.

Carbon fibre wrapping was carried out after grinding and cleaning the columns of all grit and bonding the CFRP by skilled CFRP technicians.

The above retrofitting treatment was carried out to provide the desired compressive strength and moment resistance to the columns. The said works was successfully completed to the satisfaction of Client’s Engineers and Consultants.

The Client being very satisfied with the quality and speed of execution of the work extended the scope of 3E-SERVICES to 2nd phase of work consisting of further strengthening of ten columns.

CASE STUDY 2 : Large waterproofing of the podium area of a Leading mall in the CBD of Bangalore
Client : A Major Listed Contractor – L & T
Location : UB City, Bangalore

The project was a leading Luxury Mall – UB City located in the CBD of Bangalore. UB City is a mixed development with a mall, office towers and serviced apartments. The developer had severe problems due to seepage of water from podium level to the basement car parks and service areas like DG room, electrical panel room etc. 3E- SERVICES was shortlisted by the client and the developer to study and propose a waterproofing scheme and to execute the same.

3E-SERVICES undertook a thorough study of the situation and noted that there is a high volume movement of vehicles on the podium and also identified the cause of the water seepage. The water seepage was mainly through the construction joints and micro-cracks , which had developed on the podium slab.

3E-SERVICES suggested a waterproofing treatment based on the site conditions and client’s requirement. The company executed the treatment with very high quality chemicals and company trained technicians. The following treatments were adopted :
  1. High performance , high elastic PU grouting.
  2. Highly flexible PU sealant and moisture insensitive epoxy.
  3. Membrane system with proper termination detailing.
The treatment was successfully done and the client and developer has been very happy with the quality work of 3E-SERVICES.

CASE STUDY 3 : Concrete Surgery and Controlled Dismantling of RC beams, RC columns and walls followed by retrofitting of an Industrial structure to suit the requirements of MORE Supermarket.
Client : Owner of the Industrial Shed wanted to retrofit and lease his premises to MORE Supermarket.
Location : Hosur Road, Bangalore

The Project was a Industrial structure with RCC roof, beams and columns . The Client wanted to lease out the premises to the MORE Supermarket chain.

The roof was very low and the beams were affecting the clear height available within the premises. Further some of the columns were not providing a clear way for forklift movement. The Tenant – MORE requested the Client to modify the structure to suit their requirements.

The Client entrusted the entire project to a reputed Architect and Structural Consultant to arrive at a clear retrofit design strategy. 3E-SERVICES was entrusted with the intricate job of dismantling high depth beams of around 1 mt. and 250 mm thick slab at a height of 10 metres from EGL and also eight load bearing columns to provide a clear span area.

3E-SERVICES employed very skilled technicians and intricate equipment such as Wire sawing machine, floor sawing machines, core drilling machines , excavators and cranes in addition to other equipments and went ahead with the retrofitting works. The entire dismantling works was modeled by using software and temporary support systems were designed accordingly. During the dismantling works in a phased manner, the entire structure was temporarily supported and released by a methodical approach.

The dismantled concrete elements were transported to the exterior of the building using material handling equipment and stacked safely on site for further disposal.

The entire structure was retrofitted safely, keeping quality and timelines in consideration. The Client and their Consultants were extremely satisfied with the way, 3E-SERVICES handled the whole works competently.

CASE STUDY 4 : Large waterproofing of the Terrace area of body workshop, paint shop and underbody coating building.
Client : M/s SCANIA Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. – A Swedish company.
Location : Narsapura Industrial area, Kolar district.

The project is a pre-engineered building ( PEB ) with deck slab system comprising of metal roof overlaid with concrete .

The challenge was to envelope the slab against leakage/seepage. 3E-SERVICES was shortlisted to provide a solution and execution of the said waterproofing works. High elastic – two components PU spray applied membrane using automated spray equipment was employed. The sprayed membrane was protected by geo-textiles. The entire project of around 2500 Sqm. was completed in 45 days under challenging site conditions. The Project was overseen by reputed project management consultants – M/s Ramboll Engineering Consultancy Services India Pvt. Ltd.

CASE STUDY 5 : Strengthening of Toilet sunken slab ( 250 toilets )
Client : M/s Manipal Hospitals Pvt. Ltd.
Location : Whitefield

The Project was to provide additional strength to the existing slab of a toilet by using additional reinforcement and micro-concrete. The project was completed under challenging site conditions and challenging time completion period of 25 days of 250 toilets spread over twelve floors. The project was undertaken using high technology micro-concrete mixers and highly skilled technicians and operators, which was ably managed by graduate and post-graduate engineers.

The project was managed by reputed PMC – M/s High-Point project management solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  • Life member & past Management Committee member of 'Association of Consulting Civil Engineers' (ACCE), Bangalore.
  • Life member & past Hon. Treasurer (2003-2008) & past Hon. Secretary (2011-2013) of 'Institute for Research, Development and Training of construction Trades and Management' (INSTRUCT), Bangalore.
  • Fellow member of 'Institution of Valuers'-India New Delhi and Bangalore, Approved valuer of immovable property.
  • Life member of 'Institute for Steel Development & Growth' (INSDAG), Kolkata.
  • Member of 'Institution of Engineers' – India.
  • Member of 'American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) & management committee member of ASCE in Karnataka State..
  • Life member of 'Alliance De Francaise-Bangalore' an Indo-French Cultural Institute.
  • Life member of 'The Mysore Horticulture Society'. Bangalore..
  • Life Member of Bangalore District Rifle Association..
  • The team of M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM have been trained by Multinational Companies like M/s. BASF, M/s. FOSROC, M/s. SIKA, M/s. BOSCH, M/s. FISCHER and M/s. HILTI, M/s. TYROLIT etc., who are leaders in providing solutions to challenges in Construction Engineering. M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM has involved & associated in research programmes of the university level on structural rehabilitation. The team of M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM have been attending Seminars, Workshops, Conference, Endowment lectures in international, National level as delegates, Co-sponsors, Exhibitors which is conducted by ICI (KAR), ACCE (B'LORE), ACCE (HYD), CCMA, INSTRUCT, Elpro energy center, IIV (KAR), so as to get updated about the recent technology, to adopt hi-tech methods in Construction Engineering and to disseminate & share their knowledge among society. .
  • To become most preferred and leading contractor to cater for Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Civil Engineering structures in India.
  • To educate the society in construction to reduce and manage the defects for prolonged life of the structures.
  • To educate, orient & connect Civil Engineering students to Construction industry through knowledge sharing.
  • To educate construction workforce for better buildings in India.
  • To support Society and Industry through value based services which will increase and support the life of the Civil Engineering Structures.
  • We have Honesty, openness courage to learn & change at all levels of operation.
  • We are committed to exceptional service and will strive for highest quality & excellence in delivery.
  • Employees & customers are our strength, we believe in their succeed.
  • We focus on challenging & meaningful projects.
  • We will strive to mechanize at all levels of operation towards speedy and quality delivery.
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